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Jobs and Careers

福德正神时时彩CNOOC actively promotes the development strategy of “Rejuvenating Enterprise by Talents”。 Adhering to the concept of human culture management and always regarding personnel as the Company’s most valuable asset, the Company creates an institutional mechanism with equal opportunities and fair rules, through building a dense atmosphere of respecting and attaching greater importance to talents, develops a positive and diligent environment for talent development and creates a positive, initiative, healthy and inclusive enterprise culture, so as to improve employees’ sense of gain, happiness and security。

CNOOC respects basic human rights, values, personalities and privacies of employees from various cultural backgrounds. The Company takes contract management as the core and post management as the basis to standardize market-oriented employment, strictly abides by employment policies in the place where its business is located and opposes any form of inhuman treatment and forced labor, and strictly abides by the employment regulations of the place where the operation is located.

CNOOC provides employees with equal and open environment and clear access for career development。 Based on the characteristics of professions, the Company has designed three career development accesses including management, technology and operation personnel, besides establishing a “Four in One” training system with respect to selection, training, assessment and promotion & certification, so as to improve personal professional ability and work performance step by step in a planned manner。

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